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Catherine (Stella) Schmidt


A poet, German philosopher and Romancière, Catherine (Stella) Schmidt was born in Tehran Persia, of a Persian mother. She is the eldest daughter of pro-democracy politician. After the revolution her family moved to Germany.

Her grandfather, a German officer, was among many of those soldiers who lost their lives in the tragedy of Second World War. She believes that although we can not undo the mistake of the World War II but can employ our efforts henceforth to create a world structured with peace and friendship. For that she has developed a new Philosophical Concept in accord with Kant’s perpetual peace, in a unique liaison with Voltaire and Albert Camus, her philosophical concept thereof inaugurates a realm in which Peace, Liberty, Justice and Global Fraternity are the paramount pillars.

She studies classic literature but later from 2003 her engagement with the UN and her own passion for the World opened a new chapter in her life. In pursuing that dream she continued her study for Master and Doctorate in International Relations and Diplomacy. In the years of scholarly she achieved an outstanding rewards form the United Nations High Institute and Research both Switzerland and New York. She had her education in England, France United States and Switzerland.

Her interest for Literature sparked from the early age. She was only nine when she started to write poetry. By the age of thirteen her writing both in poetry and short stories led her to the first place in several writing contests. And from the age of fourteen she entered the School of Shakespeare.

Later for her unique style of writing; using the poetic imagery combined with the Greek mythology and the powerful emotional Mysticism conveyed in the classic language, she became a Poet Laureate twice in the United States. She was also awarded in the International Poetry contest in the United States; in 2000 and 2001 medallions award and in 2003 she received the silver medal.

Her philosophical world however took shape in France where from 2004 until 2006 she spends two years as a student in l’Université de la Sorbonne. La Sorbonne, l’Académie Français, la Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève, la Bibliothèque Cujas, le Quartier Latin, le Panthéon, and above all la France gave her the singular taste of Liberty and Philosophy. With that she commenced immediately to compose her Political Philosophy “A World Without Frontiers”. Even though from that time on her focus has been on philosophy she is still highly influential in the development of Romanticism by creating a new style in Literature and Poetry in which the ideas of Edmund Burk “Sublime and Beautiful” in a pledge of allegiance to the Mysticism of Rumi creates yet the most compelling effect.

Mon Amour

Ah…… eternal love,
In the first moment of your touch,
When you overwhelmed me,
With your mystic aura,
And your ancient love.
And when I first tasted,
The lascivious;
Luscious wine of Eden,
From the hand of god,
In that alluring Moonlight.
I gave you my heart,
My promises… and love.

Her philosophy paves the path towards the International Society and Global Citizenship. Sided with that in most of her political concepts, her fascination with the Democracy in America and the Liberty in France is evident. “Let’s take the courageous stance and surpass every frontiers we can reach others. We can see how meaningful how profound our being together will be. We can experience what a heavenly felicity, what a real elation our unification can actualise. Let us abrogate the global walls and create one world. One world where we all…you ….and I… can live together without any political and geographical barriers; in a world that you and I could, with freedom, share one another’s exquisiteness. Our diversity is not to differ us but it is to complement us and to create something of Supernal.” (A World Without Frontiers, 2008)


  • Immortal Beloved, first edition 2003; second edition 2007
  • A World Without Frontiers, 2008
  • A Philosophical Enquiry into Concept of Liberty, 2007
  • Liberté, 2007
  • International Organisations, 2007
  • La Mémoire de la Passion et de l’Amour, 2004
  • Adieu My Love, 1991

Other Selected works:

  • Year 2000
    In a poetry collection “The Window of Remembrance”
  • Year 2001
    Recorded as one of the 33 best Write and Poet of the year 2001 in the United States:
    “The Sound of Poetry”
    Published in a poetry collection: “Tender Moments”
  • Year 2002
    Recorded as one of the best writer and poet of 2002 in a three-album in the United States:
    “The Sound of Poetry”
    Published in two volumes of Anthology in United States:
    “New Millennium Poets”
    “The Best Poems and Poets of 2001”
  • Year 2003
    Published in Anthology of the year 2003 in United States:
    “Nature’s Gentle Kiss”

Awards and Medals:

  • Year 2000
    Medal of Merit of 2000 United States
    International Poet of Merit Award United States
  • Year 2001:
    International Poet of Merit Medal and Award United States
    Editor’s Choice Award International Poetry Society of Washington
    The Award of Artistic Merit of Ohio Poetry Association
  • Year 2002
    International Poet of Merit Award California
    Bronze Award Medallion California
    Editor’s Choice Award International Poetry Society of Washington

Affiliations: Membre de l’ Association Française Pour Les Nations Unies; Member of The Goethe Society of North America; Distinguished member of the United States International Poetry Society; Member of the Poetry Society of London; Membre de la Société des Amis de la Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève; Membre de la Société des Amis du Musée National Eugène Delacroix; Member of International Society of Lord Byron

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